Unempire Socks

The Melbourne-based brand offers a sanitary way to wear sausages, cheese or tuna on your toes

unempire-socks-3.jpg unempire-socks-4.jpg

To say there aren’t many creative sock brands around right now would be a lie—but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more.The latest brand to bring a smile to our face (via their feet) is Melbourne, Australia’s Unempire. Using the always eye-catching all-over-print concept, Unempire’s socks are adorned with original artwork that features cans of tuna, bricks of cheese, sausage links and sandwich spreads. And, if seemingly edible fashions isn’t your thing, there are more novel designs, like gang signs and lucky charms. Simply put, Unempire’s socks finally let the feet get to indulge in some fun.

unempire-socks-1.jpg unempire-socks-2.jpg

Unempire describes their socks as “soft like fluffy clouds” thanks to a cotton, nylon, polyester and Lycra blend. Made in a single, stretchy shape, the socks are sure to work for feet big and small. Their socks are available for $18 online.

Images courtesy of Unempire