Mirka Mora + Gorman Artist Collaboration

The 88-year-old Australian icon has her paintings translated into delightfully bold fabrics

Perhaps little known outside of Australia, Mirka Mora’s art is legendary Down Under—specifically in Melbourne, where her gloriously busy paintings and mosaics adorn laneways, restaurants and (of course) gallery walls. The French-born artist (to a Romanian Jewish mother and Lithuanian Jewish father) migrated to Melbourne in 1951 and—along with her husband—founded one of the first commercial galleries in the city, along with three cafes and restaurants. Each of these venues became cultural hubs and Melbourne icons. Now, the 88-year-old has teamed up with Gorman for a collaborative collection that encapsulates the brand’s familiar style and the artist’s charming characters and critters.

With plenty of calm faces (part human, part otherworldly) and her trademark birds, the range is bold and busy, but still wearable. Clothing fabrics vary—denim to stretch cotton and silk georgette—with a focus on functionality and comfort, while the bags are made from a durable cotton canvas.

From dresses to scarves and bags, almost everything wearable has been blessed by Mora’s designs. While some items (namely the ankle-length Mirka Dreaming Sheer Dress) are a little more daring and loud, others (including all Mirka Rainbow items, which are off-white with splashes of subtle pastel hues) are for the more faint-hearted. No matter the level of style courage, there’s something in the collection for just about everybody, with patterned socks and headbands available for a burst of pattern in any look.

With some items available now and others for pre-order, the Mirka Mora + Gorman collection can be purchased online. Prices start at $16.

Images courtesy of Gorman