Wimbleys No-Show Socks

Boldly patterned socks that promise to stay put, just in time for summer


Whether you’re sporting loafers or a worn-out pair of Chuck Taylors, in the heat of the summer, there are one too many sacrifices that come with the appealing sockless look—blisters, sweat and stink, just to name a few. While no-show socks have been an option for a while, they oftentimes come with their own set of problems, as they can slip off the heel and bunch up, or stretch out after only a few wears. Unsatisfied with what was available on the market, Provo, Utah-based Kory Stevens decided to design a better pair of no-show socks that would last—and wouldn’t be limited to black, white or nude hues. Wimbleys socks have patterned silicone in the heel for a better grip and come in a variety of colors and patterns for extra fun—even if nobody else will see it.


While Wimbleys originally focused on creating no-show socks for men, now that they’ve met their initial Kickstarter goal, a women’s collection is being offered as well. There’s still a couple days left to get involved, and once the campaign has come to a close, they’ll be ready to go straight into production. Snag yourself a four-pack for $28 by visiting their campaign, or pick up a few pairs as a gift for that one friend who never wears socks, but should.

Photos by Nara Shin