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Yoko Devereaux x Gilt Man

The web’s boldest new retailer resurrects a defunct men’s label

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NYC’s dearly departed men’s label
Yoko Devereaux returns this fall, bringing with it a “dark and clever smirk.” The capsule collection created for Gilt Man includes signature pieces—like its oft-imitated fleece blazer—as well as new designs that also mix refined tailoring with unexpected fabrics and edgier silhouettes.

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While the recession forced Yoko Deveraux to come to a grinding halt in 2009 after eight years in business, designer Andy Salzer explains that “as painful as it was at the time,” the break from the grueling production schedule gave him the chance to “actually step back and get some long overdue perspective,” as well as seize opportunities he couldn’t have previously considered.

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With Yoko Deveraux already on their list of potential collaborators before the label closed, Gilt Man met with Salzer to brainstorm a relaunch. Gilt Man PR director Jenny Landry explains part of the allure is that, “it’s only available on Gilt Man, which is the unique offering that our guys shop the site for.”


For Salzer, the partnership provided new creative freedom, but he kept the classic Yoko Devereaux man at heart of the collection. “I can’t imagine fans of the brand wanting it to be entirely a new direction,” explains Salzer. “Instead, it’s important to me that the new items complement the existing designs and reflect an evolution.”

Yoko Devereaux’s capsule collection for Gilt Man will be available 20 September 2010 exclusively online.

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