The Louvre + HTC VIVE Arts Render the Mona Lisa in 3D

Incorporating infrared, x-ray and refractive data, HTC VIVE Arts has transformed the Mona Lisa into a 3D figure set inside a dedicated virtual reality experience at the Louvre. Entitled “Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass,” the immersive artwork attempts to show what the iconic, mysterious figure would look like in motion—and also give participants time to see the details of the painting without the clamor of other viewers. The VR event, a first of its kind for the museum, can be found in a special viewing room inside the Louvre, which includes 11 Vive Cosmos headsets. It’s presented in conjunction with the museum’s Leonardo da Vinci exhibition—the largest ever. An extended version of “Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass” can also be downloaded through Viveport for anyone who can’t make it to Paris. Read more at designboom.