Aiaiai Y-Com Earbuds


The offshoot of a 200-member creative collective that was active in Copenhagen during 2005-2006, GREEN_MIC.jpg


The Y-Com is Available in a few different colors but we like the grey and pastel version (pictured above left) for the slightly medical feel. Other design features of note include the Y-shaped bit of plastic and thicker cords that both prevent annoyingly tangled wires. An inline mic has a button for controlling phonecalls and the iPod and the plug fits first-generation iPhone jacks. Three sets of buds (two silicone and one foam) adjust the headphones for comfort and all promise sound-isolation and full-spectrum sound, thanks to engineering by C4 studios.

Packaged in a slim acrylic tube (pictured above right), we think they're more than worth the €55 pricetag. Buy them from Aiaiai. For $65, you can get the non-iPhone version, the Y-Model, from Digitalfix.