Analogue Announces its Game Boy-like Device, Pocket

Made as a tribute to portable gaming, Analogue’s just-announced Pocket is, as Wired says, “not-a-Game-Boy-but-kind-of-a-Game-Boy.” The company’s first-ever handheld device, the Pocket works with all Game Boy cartridges (including those made for the Game Boy Colour and Game Boy Advance), which is a good 2,700+ games. Of course, this contemporary device offers plenty of updates including a high-definition screen, longer battery life and stereo speakers. Pocket will also include an extra FPGA chip for developing games, and an audio app for creating music. “Analogue hopes the included developer kit will make Pocket into a platform for indie developers to code their own FPGA-compatible games for Pocket or port over their existing games from other systems for preservation,” Jess Grey writes for Wired. Read more there.