Arvind Sanjeev’s AI-Powered “Ghostwriter” Typewriter

Eschewing the typical future-forward design that can leave devices feeling clinical, creative technologist Arvind Sanjeev’s AI-powered Ghostwriter embraces the warm style of a repurposed electric Brother typewriter, clicking keys included. Behind those keys, however, is an AI powered by Arduino, which takes a user’s prompt and “shares it with a raspberry pi which queries the GPT-3 API,” resulting in Ghostwriter typing out a response. The machine can function as a kind of chatbot or an aid to complete a user’s text—be it a poem, letter or beyond. “The calm meditative interface removes all the digital distractions and takes us on an emotional journey through paper and ink. This lets us become more deliberate with our prompts and pulls us to read each word one after the other, helping us understand the nuances profoundly,” Sanjeev tells It’s Nice That. Read more there.

Image courtesy of Arvind Sanjeev/Ghostwriter