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Big Ass Picture

Custom web shout-outs from the creator of Big Ass Message


A follow-up to Björn Johansson’s web-based “shout-out” generator, Big Ass Message, his latest work-distracting website, aptly titled Big Ass Picture, launched today. The Internet destination adds to the original text-customizer with the option to create a unique website using any image (with or without text), enabling you to then send the link to a friend for hilarity to ensue.


If you run out of picture ideas, Johansson has also added the functionality of linking to animated gif files, like this entertaining example.


In the creators own words, “I just figured that just like in Hollywood when they get a big hit on their hands, a sequel is more or less mandatory even if it’s almost never as good as the original.” Head over to Big Ass Picture where you can be the judge.


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