Cinamatic iPhone App

The makers of Hipstamatic launch a video shooting, editing and sharing sister app

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After almost single-handedly changing the way many of us perceived and consumed iPhone photos with the launch of Hipstamatic back in 2009, within a year or two the iPhone-only app slowly faded into the shadows. Despite the Hipstamatic brand making a few attempts at remaining relevant—including rebranding as an app for serious photographers, developing the do-it-all app PhotoMail (that never launched) and launching the community-based sharing app Oggl—few waves were made. But today, Hipstamatic will again aim to capture the invaluable attention of image-minded millennials with Cinamatic, a new video shooting, editing and sharing app for the iPhone. Billed as the best way to create beautiful short films (ranging from three to 15 seconds), the app offers attractive, interesting film filters and a fool-proof UI—and that might just be the ticket to engage an audience.

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Though slightly limiting in terms of filters (five come pre-loaded, with more available for purchase through the app), Cinamatic is minimal, fun to play with and easy to share on outside social sites like Instagram, Vine and Facebook. Sure, other apps like Cameo and 8MM offer similar features, and nobody wants a feed flooded with sun-flair-ridden films on a daily basis, but Cinamatic’s unique “processing” effects and ease of use make it worth having it around for the occasional tinker.

Available today in the iTunes Appstore for $1.99, Cinamatic works with iPhone 4 and above. Visit Cinamatic online for more.

Images courtesy of Cinamatic