The Umberto Panini Maserati Collection


The Panini family in Modena, Italy not only produces some of the most delicious and coveted organic Parmigiano Reggiano in the world, but next to the feed barn that houses the cows is the most complete collection of Maseratis in the world. As such, the farm gets hundreds of visitors per year just for the extensive range of cars, motorbikes and tractors they have on display.


Conveniently located just a few miles down from the Ferrari/Maserati headquarters in Maranello down a long dirt road, a visit to the region where Ferrari, Ducati, Lamborghini and Maserati were born isn't complete without taking a look at the Panini Family collection. Housed in a farmhouse are some of the most rare automobiles you will ever see.

All in all the collection consists of about 40 cars, 30 motorcycles and an interesting smattering of old bicycles and tractors. Highlights include the Maserati A6GCS Berlinetta Pinin Farina (picture above right) which debuted in 1953 and is one of four produced world wide. With 170 HP under the hood, at the time it was a new take on a smaller version of the sports car.

We especially like the front grill that proudly exhibits the famous trident symbol of Maserati. The 1959 Maserati 61 (pictured above left) is also a rarity because of its birdcage like construction. Providing a light (only 36kg) but more sturdy chassis, the body is constructed of over 200 pipes woven together. Due to its labor-heavy production process, only 21 were made available to the public.


On the second level of the farm house there's an extensive collection of old motorbikes hard to find elsewhere including some rare Moto Guzzis, Maserati prototypes and some models from small Italian companies like Rubinelli. Even their tractor collection is impressive sporting names like Fiat and Lamborghini. (Who knew Lamborghini made tractors?)


Matteo Panini, Umberto's son, is extremely generous and knowledgeable, so if he's not out running some marathon (he's an avid runner), you're in luck as he'll take you through each and every car personally. The collection is not open to the public, but call or email to arrange a visit.

And, don't forget to try the cheese. The farm produces some of the best in the world and it's all done organically. Only 4,000 wheels of their renowned Parmigiano Reggiano are made each year and each is worth a bit over $500. A taste of this cheese is worth the visit alone.

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