Pottery Barn Smart Technology Collection


Admittedly, we don't do a lot of shopping at Pottery Barn, but their new line of Smart Technology furniture caught our attention. It's worth noting not only for the way it integrates gadget clutter into homes but also for adding other functional and organization features.

The pinboard and speaker combination ($259) combines a linen bulletin board and built-in stereo speakers with a plug for an iPod or other MP3 player. With its relatively unobtrusive style, it's ideal for posting important reminders or inspiration while blaring your favorite songs.


Framed in black hardwood, the Leah Desk ($369) features a centralized power strip that includes ethernet and phone jacks and two USB ports for laptops and other accessories. With a fold down mirror, it's perfect for the narcissistic internet junkie.

If you always find yourself looking for your cellphone/iPod/miscellaneous rechargeable device, the Recharge Station is the perfect answer. Available in woodgrain, black and white, t's a discreet docking station to organize and recharge portable accessories. Though it has a lot in common with other docking stations we've seen (and has a very housewifey look), we always appreciate a drawer for helping to introduce order in the chaos that is our daily lives.

Check out the rest of the collection, including a cabinet, shelf and desktop hutch here.