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Difficult-to-Recycle Plastics Comprise this Concrete Block Alternative

The city of Boise, Idaho partnered up with ByFusion—an LA-based processor that uses steam and compression to squeeze plastic into blocks—to find a new way to reuse plastics that can’t be recycled. These blocks, dubbed ByBlocks, are the same dimensions as concrete blocks (eight by eight by 16 inches) as well as the same R-Value. Unlike concrete, however, ByBlocks are 10 pounds lighter, have Lego-like protrusions that make them easily stackable (either directly or staggered) and, most importantly, they’re carbon neutral. No chemicals or additives are used to construct them. If 30 tons of plastic go into the processor, 30 tons of ByBlocks are processed. This makes them workable for building sheds, retaining walls, dumpster enclosures, fencing and furniture. Already, they’ve been used to create a bench in Boise’s Manitou Park. Learn more about this innovative alternative and see them in action at Core77.

Images courtesy of Core77/ByFusion

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