Eco Pneumo Dry Sack


by Passa Chattra

If you've spent anytime hiking or camping you know the value of keeping your stuff dry. Nothing can be worse than having to sleep in wet clothes after crossing two rivers, hiking a few peaks, and the temperature has dropped 20 degrees.

There are lots of high tech dry bags that will do the job, but the fact is the materials that make up those bags are also great land fillers. Pacific Outdoor Equipment has designed a dry bag to satisfy the tree hugger in every outdoors person.

They based their new Eco Pneumo Dry Sack on their existing high performance dry bags but with a green twist. Made of a non-dyed, single coated bamboo based fabric, they’ve even used recycled aluminum for the purge valve. To top it off, POE buys wind energy to offset the carbon footprint in manufacturing these bags. They seem to have it covered.

The Eco Pneumo Dry Sack comes in three sizes: 5L, 15L, and 25L with prices ranging from $30 to $45.