Erik Schedin


Erik Schedin is an online shop run by the eponymous proprietor out of Sweden. He specializes in selling an extremely select collection of seemingly unrelated products. The only connecting thread between them is that each item exhibits a distinctly clean, understated design.

The project started four years ago when Schedin, then a student at Beckmans College of Design, began producing his own footwear. The all-white leather shoes have a perforated lining and are devoid of any logos or branding. It remains the only personally-designed product on the site, and currently are only available in his size, 44 (10.5 US), which sells for about $230.


The store also sells items Schedin culled from other sources, such as a pair of vintage plastic-framed glasses from American Optical and a classic bottle of Pledge furniture wax (for $150 and $12, respectively). Other soon-to-be-launched items include a baseball cap, a canvas bag and more. Details are uncertain, but you can expect them to have a similarly streamlined aesthetic.