Finn: The Universal Smartphone Bike Mount

Attach any mobile to any bike for riding in all conditions


Whether commuting to work, hammering out a century on country roads or running errands, having quick and easy access to your smartphone is a near essential for most cyclists. While a variety of mounts are on the market, none match the simplicity and effectiveness of the Finn. Made in Austria from high-grade silicone, the Finn holds any size smartphone (even the iPhone 6 Plus) on any handlebar, and mounts in seconds. The simple material and wrap design mean the Finn adds hardly any weight to your kit and can be easily carried off the bike for urban riders. Plus the non-slip silicone means that even on rough rides, it will hold your phone steady and in place with minimal vibration. Navigating, managing your speed and cadence (with additional hardware) and DJing your ride just got easier (though filming POV shots isn’t ideal as the phone can only be mounted in a vertical position).

At just €12 the Finn is a no-brainer for those looking for a quick and easy way to mount their smartphone device to their bike.

Image courtesy of Pocpac