FujiFilm SeeHere


Launched earlier this week, SeeHere is the latest entry in the pool of photo sites. Like Flickr, Photobucket and Picasa, SeeHere allows users to upload their photo libraries and share them free of charge. Unlike its competitors, there is no limit on the amount of images you can upload without incurring any fees.

The site itself is pared-down and very straightforward (it was designed by Razorfish). You can intuitively upload images and manipulate them with basic editing tools (zoom, crop, rotate, etc.). If you're running a PC, there is desktop software available, although Mac users will have to rely on the web interface. Integration with other applications like Facebook isn't available but we hope it's just a matter of time.


While other sites charge a premium to upgrade and avoid storage limits, SeeHere's free photo philosophy isn't an act of charity—the user is confronted with plenty of opportunities to pay for prints. But to the casual user with a hefty photo library and simple demands, SeeHere is a welcome new option.