Off-the-Grid With goTenna

A sleek solution to network failure when deep in the wilderness or simply stuck at crowded festivals

Sometimes, when you most need phone reception to fire off an essential text, it’s not there. When you find yourself stuck deep in the backcountry miles from a signal or in a crowd of dazed festival goers when the network can’t handle the massive amount of traffic, it’s time to go off the grid. Launching today, the goTenna pairs with smartphones via BluetoothLE to allows for Twitter-sized text messages and GPS location even when mobile coverage fails. Users can also create separate networks with group messaging in a range of up to 32 miles for quick notifications. As a bonus, each network is completely private, offering a closed-loop communication scheme while a forthcoming app allows users to access the technology even in Airplane mode.

At just $150 per pair, the goTenna is a cost-effective substitute for times when a Satellite phone is overkill and walkie talkies are too analog.

Video courtesy of goTenna