Grado SR60i and New GR8 Headphones


For over fifty years Grado has been making audio equipment in Brooklyn, introducing high-end dynamic headphones in the late '80s.

We've been using the small company's entry-level SR60i headphones (pictured right), a pair that for the $80 price tag delivers high-quality, crisp sound that competes with the larger, pricier brands.

The SR60i's bare-bones design wins points for its utilitarian appeal, fitting comfortably around noggins. While the foam ear cushions may not initially enclose and hug the way more expensive leather-cushioned models do, the foam eventually molds to a natural fit with ears. From there, music sounds crisp and evenly distributed, with clean treble even with the bass turned way up.

In two weeks, Grado will release a new model , their first "in-ear transducer" or what we consumers refer to as the ear bud (pictured below).


Grado says the new model, dubbed the GR8, will be smaller and lighter than the competition and no doubt they'll bring the same musical clarity that we have come to expect from this local brand. We're excited to take them for a test run.