Hot Wheels Video Racer

Put yourself in the virtual driver's seat with the latest tech-enabled racecar toys


In 2010 Mattel put kids in Barbie’s shoes when they introduced a built-in camera. Now, with their Hot Wheels Video Racer, amateur car racers can put themselves in the driver’s seat too. Equipped with an LCD screen on the bottom and a built-in memory chip, the car functions as a low-res camera, capturing up to 12 minutes of footage at 30 frames per second.


The cameras mount to any computer via USB port and, using Hot Wheels software, kids can choose from a range of music, scene transitions and special effects when editing. The cars also come with adhesives and Velcro mounting straps so that budding filmmakers can attach the car to any surface—such a helmet, skateboard or remote control helicopter.


The Video Racer is track compatible, a feature that will be even more fun with the launch of Hot Wheels Wall Tracks, a mountable system coming out Fall 2011. With the car camera offering a 1:64 scale point of view, taking the car from the floor to the wall as it rounds loops and zooms down straightaways will allow kids to safely engage with the thrill of racing first-hand.

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks span $17-30, and the Video Racer will sell for $60. Both will be available online and in toy stores Fall 2011.

Top image via Engadget