Real-time home screen content, animated photos and TV control in a gorgeous new phone


Announced today, the new HTC One is one of the most exciting releases in recent memory from the Taiwanese manufacturer. At first glance, the flagship phone features an understated, yet premium form with its 4.7″ edge-to-edge HD display set seamlessly in to a unibody aluminum shell. The device feel sumptuous in the hand due to its weight, finish and edges that taper to just 4mm tall. Under the hood, the Android phone touts an all new version of HTC’s Sense software enhancements, including an integrated content feed, improved camera functionality, dual front-facing speakers and remote TV control.

Potentially the most disruptive addition, Blinkfeed brings in a live stream of the latest updates from social networks, readers and other media sources. Acting like other app-based feed aggregators such as Flipboard, the genius of Blinkfeed is that it brings all the content direct to your home screen. The interface compiles user content as well as news from Blinkfeed’s 1,400 content partners, a list that includes ESPN, Vice Media, MTV and—you guessed it—Cool Hunting.

Understanding that mobile cameras are more about capturing fleeting moments than HD quality, the HTC Ultrapixel Camera is built to create looped three-second motion images. Called “Zoes,” the media blocks can be displayed in a dynamic gallery or mixed with other Zoes into highlight videos. For still images, the f/2.0 aperture lens and improved sensor aim to help low-light photography. Other elements include the 1080p front-facing camera, 360° panoramic shooting, time sequencing and object removal.

HTC continues their partnership with Beats Audio, introducing BoomSound front-facing speakers with integrated amplifier for an improved video and gaming experience. The recording system has been similarly updated with dual microphones and better audio processing. HTC Sense Voice improves call quality by boosting call audio to adjust to ambient sound.

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Sense TV is another clever feature that turns your phone into a remote control for TV receivers, helping to improve navigation and reduce the need for multiple remotes. The built-in infrared blaster is hidden behind the power button on the top of the phone, a smart detail that keeps the overall lines of the device clean.

The new HTC One will be available globally in March 2013.

Hero image courtesy of HTC; handheld images by Josh Rubin