HTC + Under Armour’s HealthBox Fitness Tracking Set

A three-piece monitoring system that charts just about everything

In the age of quantifiable self, there are many devices offering an array of useful functionality. Fortunately, the UA HealthBox—developed by HTC and Under Armour—delivers one of the most comprehensive packages and, thus, plenty of data. The three-piece box includes a wearable fitness tracker (known as the UA Band) which measures sleep, resting heart rate, daily activity and the intensity of workouts; a UA Scale, which charts weight and body fat; and the UA Heart Rate, a chest monitor for use during exercise. All three sync with the free UA Record app (available on iOS or Android), for analysis, tracking and empowerment. Over the years, we have gone through many wearables, and the HealthBox stands out by way of its vast capabilities. It feels beneficial to have all items designed to function together—and ultimately, the cleanly designed band isn’t ostentatious.

The UA HealthBox is available online for $400.

Images by Cool Hunting