The Handstand for iPad

A handy iPad accessory that lets you use the device in more places

handstand-user1.jpg handstand-user2.jpg

Today’s saturated iPad accessories market makes it hard to offer up an impressive new addition, but Portland, OR-based entrepreneur Jamie Smith has turned technology on its head with the Handstand. The user-friendly design allows you to hold the tablet in one hand and rotate it 360 degrees, to easily toggle between landscape and portrait orientation. An elastic band keeps it secured and comfortable; when you feel like setting the iPad down, the Handstand serves as a supportive stand, resting the iPad at a slight incline for easy viewing.


“My career is one that has been characterized by identifying and filling a need that helps people run their business and personal lives more efficiently,” says Smith. The Handstand does just that, offering iPad users a convenient way of using the device in equally intelligible packaging.

handstand.jpg closeup-handstand1.jpg

The Handstand makes it easy to make presentations, manage a guest list and multitask doing just about anything. Molded from silicone instead of plastic, the simple switch is a big improvement in terms of comfort and durability.

The handstand currently sells online for $50.