The Boast

Give your iPad's sound an eight-decible boost with a simple clip-on


The iPad’s rear-facing speakers are considered by many as the device’s only real design misstep, doing little to enhance the overall listening experience. Created as a simple solution for the iPad 2 and new iPad, The Boast mimics the act of cupping one’s hand while holding the tablet to reflect sound in a positive direction. Currently on Kickstarter, the clever little tool uses safe neodymium magnets to clip onto the iPad to provide a boost of approximately eight decibels.


The nearly indestructible Boast is made of injection-molded polypropylene homopoly (a kind of plastic). If all goes as planned on Kickstarter, The Boast will ship this October 2012. To encourage backing, designer Nick Wilson is offering a “pay what you wish” pledge level, meaning you can get The Boast for a nominal price. Once the maximum number of backers at the basic level is reached, a minimum pledge of $15 will be required to get a Boast, which will be available in either black or white.