ITP Winter Show 2010

Part one on the techie creativity from the minds of ITP grad students this season

We checked out the Interactive Telecommunications Program 2010 winter show yesterday at Tisch School of the Arts and like previous years, the overall depth and range of the projects was in itself impressive. Below are some that stood out for their ingenuity.


Each drawer in Nick Yulman’s “Song Cabinet,” an interactive musical instrument, contains a different mechanical device linked into a computer synthesizer program. Opening a drawer starts a musical sequence, which changes depending on how far you open the drawer. You can also open and close all four drawers in different patterns to mix your own live song.


A collaborative project between Mike Cohen, David Phillips and Michelle Temple, “Planting Steps” rethinks the indoor hydroponic farm. The use of primarily wood and copper piping to construct the planter cuts down on the more typical (and detrimental) ingredients found in hydro farms such as plastics, PVC piping and more.

writeme-1.jpg writeme-2.jpg

Another collaboration, “Write Me” by Christine Nguyen, Hsin-Yi Chien and Rune Madsen consists of 100 pieces of paper tied together and suspended from the ceiling. A projector displays the drawings or notes that a user at a station inputs with a writing pad.

mesh-1.jpg mesh-2.jpg

Eun Young Kang and Sukmo Koo’s project, “Dynamic Canvas,” is an interactive game using a mesh and plastic canvas controlled by two tubes. Each user blows into one of the tubes, spreading their color across the canvas, allowing the users to draw a picture together.


Lia Martinez’s playful project dubbed “Planet Maker” lets you create your own animated planet by singing into a tube. The sweets sound of your voice populates the little world, and a swift punch to the center of the canvas clears it out for the next generation.