Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Sexy emoticons, Tweet Shows, moto-unicycles, a cave restaurant, and more in this week's web round-up


1. GIFs of Popular Rappers

Ultra silly and seriously funny, the blog GIFs of Popular Rappers shows some of hip-hop’s best striking some of their most notorious animated poses.

2. Eight Equals Capital D

Endlessly entertaining, the ingenuous 8=D emoticon just got its own website that’s likely to inspire hours of wasted time and a few new tattoos.

3. Uniqlo UTweet

Japanese mega-retailer Uniqlo has some serious interactive chops, creating some of the most innovative online campaigns and microsites we’ve seen. Their latest, UTweet, takes all of your tweets, along with your profile pic, and turns them into an amusing animated “Tweet Show.”

4. The Cave Restaurant

Ignant takes us inside a Sydney restaurant designed by Koichi Takada Architects, designed to effectively look like a modern and sculptural cave. The form and materials create just the right balance of acoustic sound quality and texture for an enjoyable dining experience.

5. Phaidon Design Classics iPad Edition

The new Design Classics iPad app by Phaidon offers access to an interactive archive of 1,000 objects that have become synonymous with good design. Information, sketches and prototypes illustrate the history of these objects spanning the last 200 years.

6. Indie Furniture

Indie Furniture makes building a DIY storage/shelving unit actually easy. The company sells the clamps needed to fit the shelves together, provides a list of the other required materials and includes a step-by-step guide on how to set up every last detail.

7. Ferrum D Gentile

Master bladesman Daniel Gentile, trained in the centuries-old craft of pattern welding, is behind Ferrum—a truly unique collection of knives and swords. You can purchase or commission one from his online shop.

8. Honda U3-X

The nifty little Honda U3-X is a uni-wheeled personal mobility device that appears to be a much better-designed alternative to the oh-so-nerdy Segway—or, in the case of some of the press shots, a lazy man’s wheelchair.