Moda Home Collection for Micasa by Adriana Barra


Brazilian fashion designer Adriana Barra is well known for her vivid, dizzying prints on boho dresses. She recently applied these works to release a print-embellished Moda Home Collection for the highly conceptual furniture store Micasa in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Our favorites from the collection include 10 Mini Ice Boxes. Small, retro refrigerators that you might find in a dorm room, each pay homage to a pop culture icon from Tetris to Speed Racer. Each design is a one-off, which may or may not justify the cool R$18,000 (that's around $7,500 U.S at today's currency rate).


A very busy women, Barra also lends her eye-catching prints to signature Micasa pieces designed by Eero Saarinen, which includes a closet, side table (pictured above), dinner and coffee tables. Her prints have also landed on Micasa surfboards and decorative fabrics.

Check out more of Adriana Barra's works on her website and at Micasa.