During the Summer of 2000 I had a major technolust for the much anticipated Modo pager. Of course, I got one of the $100 (with no additional cost for service) egg shaped devices the day it came out. It still is the best example I have seen so far of consistent experience. From the hipster ads, to the curvy Industrial Design, to the twirling User Interface, to the witty tone of the content, Modo was the coolest.
Unfortunately, Scout Electromedia (the makers of Modo) went out of business 2 months after the New York launch and one day before the Los Angeles launch. It’s a bit of a mystery how they blew their $40 million in funding.
Anyway, I was reminiscing via Google and came across Dennis Crowley’s Modo Tribute Page. He’s got lots of pictures of the ads and the device, as well as some links to case studies. Thanks, Dennis.