Nano Solar Paint

Liquid cells potentially reinvigorate solar power industry


Like several other alternative energy sources, the challenge with solar energy isn’t quantity (the sun blasts the Earth daily with more than enough energy to cover all of our power needs) but with the ability of current tech to fully harness what’s out there.

A new concept with the potential to reshape the solar power industry is solar paint—a plan energy start-up NextGen are putting into action.

solarpanelfield.jpg nanotubes-3.jpg

Using nanotechnology (a series of nanotubes 10,000 times thinner than a strand of human hair), solar paint absorbs a larger number of light wavelengths onto the photovoltaic cell. The paint can be applied to almost any surface and once dry hooks into the light-sensitive grid to start pumping out electricity.


This kind of technology is perfect for government buildings where solar paint could offset energy consumption while giving taxpayers a break, and Next Gen are committed to making this a reality in the near future.

via CalFinder