Digitally organize paper piles with a handy all-in-one device


Tidying up your workspace might seem impossible with endless paperwork continuously piling up. To help manage the glut, I’ve been testing out NeatDesk, a scanner-and-software combo that turns clutter into organized files on your computer. In the week that I’ve used it, I’ve become kind of obsessed—the beauty of the solution is that it’s perfectly integrated hardware and software.

Just drop tax filings, invoices, correspondence and even business cards into the gadget, either one at a time or in a stack—Neat Desk can handle up to 10 double-sided documents at a time at up to 600 dpi.

From there, the NeatDesk rapidly scans and saves everything to NeatWorks, the companion desktop software, where you can edit and process as needed. Built for use with PC and Mac platforms, NeatWork’s intelligent OCR technology files information for easy exporting to popular platforms.


It converts business cards to text for effortless syncing with your computer address book; receipts can be organized directly in to an expense-report-ready spreadsheet; and documents can be filed or converted to pdfs and shared.


NeatDesk sells online for $400 from The Neat Company, as well as at stores like Staples and Office Max.