New Signal Process

Harness iOS music-making potential with new interface pedals


New Signal Process made a splash in the digital music scene last year with their BreakOut pedal, allowing musicians to interface their instruments directly with the plethora of iPad and iPhone apps. This week they dropped two new pedals which deliver even more options to digital music masters.

nspsidestomp1.jpg nspsidestomp2.jpg

The BreakOut Stomp was birthed in response to guitarists and bassists badgering NSP with product suggestions. Fusing the concept for the original device with a classic stompbox, the new model incorporates an easily foot-toggled switch which allows it to seamlessly integrate with a pedal board. Indistinguishable from any high-grade audio pedal from your local music shop, the difference is the ability to access innumerable effects—limited only by how comprehensive of an app collection you have.


The second edition to the line, the BreakOut Stereo, was created with masters of digital harmony in mind, specifically DJs and producers. Two separate stereo outputs make it easily adaptable to almost any situation, providing the most possibilities for interfacing with systems on the road or in an at home studio. Interfacing with Apple devices gives you access to all the features bundled up in your mobile-friendly synth and drum machine apps, essentially giving you limitless music making potential on the go.

Both pedals sell from the New Signal Process store; the Stereo runs $135 and the Stomp $155.