Nokia + P.S.1’s WarmUp


In recent years Nokia has designed deco handsets, turned LCD screens into mini art galleries, backed arts related organizatons, and tasked creative types (like judges of the Tribeca film fest) with creating cell phone-produced work. Currently, as part of their sponsorship of WarmUp 2005, P.S.1's 8th annual weekly Summer music series, artists selected by Nokia use the phones to create works on-site at the Saturday events. Recent artists include New York-based Jan DeNike who asked visitors to kiss in photos and videos as "a dialogue with the history of kissing in art and films." You can see her work and more on Nokia's online WarmUp site. Running through September 3rd, the "live" art set to WarmUp's critically-acclaimed soundtrack (next weekend features Lovebug Starski of Wild Style fame) is part of a Nokia's bigger commitment to the arts under an initiative called "Connect to Art."