Store all your receipts in a searchable online interface


Timed to launch for today’s Cyber Monday online shopping extravaganza, the new service OneReceipt provides a solution to keep track of all your proofs of purchase. Whether you have receipts from Black Friday, plan to accrue some more over the holidays or simply have an overflow of receipts and confirmations in your inbox dating back a couple years, you probably wish you had a better organization system.


We’ve been testing a beta version of OneReceipt, but at 12pm EST the free service goes live for the public. Simply “reserve your name” and add an email address—OneReceipt will automatically look through your email account and create searchable entries for the purchases you’ve made from online retailers from iTunes to Amazon. Instead of seeing the total amounts you spent on your card statements, OneReceipt imports itemized lists.

Though the service will import most email invoices, there are still some retailers it doesn’t recognize. For those instances, you can forward the email receipt to a personal OneReceipt email account. Not all of these forwarded emails will create line-item lists, but they will show up in your log. Plus, you can give stores your personalized OneReceipt email address when you make purchases, keeping your regular email addresses clutter-free.


For the analog receipts you accrue, the site is making it possible to email photos of receipts to your OneReceipt account, where they will be automatically imported, and then searched and tagged. The convenient organizing service, OneReceipt will be available beginning 12pm EST, 28 November 2011.