Opedix KNEE-Tec

Structural joint support with a design inspired by human anatomy and backed by science

opedix-knee-tec-1.jpg opedix-knee-tec-2.jpg

Getting older isn’t all “silver fox” gray hairs and acquiring sage wisdom; running up the years has a few downsides. Staying healthy enough year-in, year-out to do the sports we love—from charging backcountry powder in the mountains to simply taking a run through the park—sometimes requires a little help from science. Luckily, there are KNEE-Tec tights from Vail, Colorado-based Opedix, developed with years of biomechanics and sports-science research. Intended for young athletes, pros and veteran weekend warriors alike, the KNEE-Tec tights are far more than the standard compression tights that serve to improve performance and recovery through muscular support. Rather, this moisture-wicking layer takes its design cues from the anatomy of external muscles with a scientifically designed integrated tension system to support joints and the overall musculoskeletal system, with a focus on harmonious joint function instead of braces that simply focus on one area. Think of them as a sort of lower body brace that will not only ward off injury but also help align your joints for optimal performance while keeping you warm and dry.

Optimal for athletes of all experience levels and especially useful for those with knee issues, KNEE-Tec tights come in both mens and women’s sizes with a 3/4 length model that is perfect for skiing and snowboarding. KNEE-Tec tights are available online for $225.

Images courtesy of Opedix