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Wear music on your sleeve with a pin that doubles as a player


When an artist makes an album good enough, it feels wrong to just dump it into your music library among all the one-hit wonders and your secret Faith Hill collection. Playbutton pairs the concept of a great album with the classic button pin for the perfect wearable way to listen to music. The front of the button typically features artwork, keeping the album cover relevant while making it easier for bands to distribute and promote their music in a tangible way


Like an iPod Shuffle (and keeping true to the artist’s vision), the songs can’t be rearranged but the simple device does have controls to play, pause, skip, and adjust volume, all powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. making for a clever new way to distribute and promote music. Simply plug in your best set of headphones and Playbutton supplies the sound. Patent-pending. Playbutton will be available for production beginning of next month.


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