Jayda G: Circle Back Around

Canadian producer and DJ Jayda G shares the emotional, uplifting first single, “Circle Back Around,” from her upcoming album, Guy—a record that explores and celebrates her relationship with her father, William Richard Guy, who passed away when she was just 10 years old. She was left with 11 hours of video footage of her dad, some of which is used in the accompanying music video. In the video, between the energetic house track, her father explains an encounter with the police, repeating the phrase “circle back around” as he describes escaping them. “I wanted the album to be a blend of storytelling, about the African American experience, death, grief, and understanding,” Jayda G shares in a statement. “It’s about my dad and his story, and naturally in part my story, too, but it’s also about so many people who wanted more for themselves and went on a search to find that. This album is just so much for people who have been oppressed and who have not had easy lives.”