Playtype + Côte&Ciel Laptop Sleeves

Copenhagen design meets Parisian quality in a durable neoprene case that's perfect for typography lovers


Typeface is for more than books, signs and posters, as the Copenhagen-based Playtype (the more “fun” younger sibling of the Danish brand agency e-Types) shows, instilling their love for all things type onto cups, raincoats and even skateboards, in more than just a decorative manner. The Playtype store is an outlet for designers to experiment and spread their passion for point size and line length to the general public, and the resulting products serve as a “street-level entry to typography.” Their crewneck sweater, for example, becomes a wearable version of the new typeface they created specially for the National Museum of Denmark.

Playtype’s newest collection “Random” features a mashup of different words and typefaces that resembles (in their own words) a supermarket pin-up board that’s been covered with personal notices. This disorderly collage has so far graced T-shirts and posters in limited editions of 100, and the latest addition is a collaboration with the minimalist Parisian accessories brand Côte&Ciel for a series of laptop sleeves.

random-sleeve-playtype-cote&ciel-2.jpg random-sleeve-playtype-cote&ciel-3.jpg

“We think that Côte&Ciel makes the coolest and most durable laptop sleeves on the market, so when we wanted to make a laptop sleeve, we knew that we had to ask them if we could make our prints on their products,” says head of retail, Cathrine Mahler. The durable neoprene sleeves leave no doubt that your computer is well-protected.

Keep an eye out as more additions to the “Random” collection are revealed later this year. The “Random” laptop sleeves come in three versions and are priced at €54; they’re available online from Playtype as well as their concept store in Værnedamsvej 6, DK-1620, Copenhagen.

Images courtesy of Playtype