Pop!Tech Pop!Casts


If you are needing some inspiration and motivation this week, the Pop!Casts from Pop!Tech might be just the answer. The people who create the Pop!Tech new ideas conference each year and brought you the beautiful AntiBabel EP have recently released vidcasts of some of the most inspiring presentations from their conferences over the last three years. So far there are 22 casts online but new segments will continue to posted every few weeks. Pop!Tech tell us that the Pop!Casts are “published under a Creative Commons license, meaning you can distribute, translate and edit them as you wish for noncommercial use. Sharing Pop!Casts with peers is one of the ways you can inspire collective thinking and action around the topics you’re most interested in.â€

We recommend presentations by Richard Dawkins, world-renowned biologist and evolutionary theorist, Reggie Watts, human beat-box polymath musician and comedian, Lester Brown, preeminent environmentalist and head of the Earth Policy Institute and Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of Wired magazine and author of The Long Tail.

Update: Check Pop!Tech later this week for Brian Eno's talk and a performance by Rodrigo y Gabriela.

Pop!Tech 2007 will once again be held in Camden, Maine in October. This year’s theme is "The Human Impact."

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