Recon Jet

HUD-enabled sunglasses feature a range of sensors, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more


In 2010 Recon released the world’s first Heads-Up-Display-enabled snow sport goggles, capable of displaying real-time statistics like speed, altitude, time and temperature on a full-color micro LCD screen. Now, three years later, the innovative company introduces a faster, smaller, more advanced version of the Heads-Up Display (HUD) on a specifically engineered pair of polarized sunglasses. Driven by a miniaturized dual core processor, the Jet features everything from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ANT+ and GPS to a high-def camera, dedicated graphics and a comprehensive suite of location-based sensors. Essentially, the Jet is as powerful—if not more so—than your iPhone.


Announced today, 15 May, at Google’s annual developer conference Google I/O, the Recon Jet is capable of running native apps (as well as user designed apps through its open source platform), stream video and wirelessly connect to the internet and smartphones. It even integrates with Facebook, if you’re looking to share information and images other than the success of your recent gym session or brunch date.


While the sunglasses may seem bulky, they’ve been engineered to feel balanced while being worn, allowing the user to feel uninhibited during a range of activities. With instant, activity-specific and user-specific information zooming in and out of your eyesight, the Jet could be seen as Google Glass for outdoor enthusiasts. See the Recon Jet demonstration video for a better idea of its capabilities and expect to see the Jet introduced later this year.

Images courtesy of Recon