Transcend Goggles

Climb every mountain and ski any path with the world's first GPS-enabled goggles


For backcountry trailblazers, Recon Instruments‘ new Transcend goggles introduce advanced technology for carving your own path while providing essential protection from sun and snow. The GPS-enabled goggles “require minimal interaction” yet boast an impressive amount of features, including a full-color micro LCD display, Google Maps overlay, real-time statistics (speed, altitude, vertical, run-counter, temperature and more), and keep a log of averages, maximums and minimums for each run over the entire day.


Vancouver-based Recon fitted the goggles with lenses from Boulder, CO-based Zeal Optics, who created two versions—polarized ($400) or for an even greater sun shield, polarized and photochromic ($500). Both styles are PC and Mac adaptable and through a micro USB port you can easily upload your stats at the end of the day.

transcend3.jpg transcend4.jpg

The goggles weigh just around nine ounces, last six to eight hours through a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and sell online from both Recon Instruments and Zeal Optics.