Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

Everything you've come to expect from a sleep-tracker, in an adjustable mattress

For anyone who’s spent substantial time adjusting a bed to their ideal position, Sleep Number’s recently debuted mattress, the 360 Smart Bed, does the adjusting for you. But that’s not all; this mattress tracks users’ sleep and reports to Sleep Number’s connected app for personal analysis. That data can integrate with a Fitbit and the whole system can be paired with a Nest thermostat. One can set a smart alarm that wakes users at optimal moments or build customized pre-bedtime routines. Responsive air technology allows for immediate adjustment of firmness and positioning. Not only can users adjust, but the mattress can even be trained to self-adjust based on the situation.

We did not have an extended testing opportunity with the 360 Smart Bed, but spent substantial time on and with the product during CES 2017. Key features to mattress itself include the “SleepIQ” technology which reads users sleep patterns and quietly adjusts the mattress accordingly to an ideal position. Additionally, there’s a “Sleep Onset” feature that actually warms the foot of the bed prior to user entrance—as warm feet encourage sleep. Perhaps most beneficial is the aforementioned automatic snore-detection; when the bed hears snoring, it adjusts the position of the sleeper to gently lull them into a quieter and healthier sleep.

Sleep Number’s 360 Smart Bed will be released in the first half of 2017, with pricing expected to be around that of other mattress produced by the brand (roughly $1200).

Images courtesy of Sleep Number