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Telefonplan Tower


Standing proudly in the Stockholm suburb of Midsommarkransen, the 10 story, 72 meter tall Telefonplan tower—built and used by Ericsson for many years—stood as the center of their corporate campus and served as a neighborhood landmark. Today the neighborhood has grown beyond Ericsson's presence, and local architect Milo Lavén, artist Erik Krikortz and interaction designer Loove Broms have transformed the tower to be a landmark in a new way that brings energy and dialogue to the neighborhood.

The Colour By Numbers project changes the lights on each story of the Telefonplan Tower and is programmable by mobile phone. Anyone can call +46 (70) 57 57 807, select the floor(s) they want to color and then hold down a series of keys to create a unique color. You keep selecting floors and choosing colors until you are finished, and then you can see your creation on the live web cam.