The New Swivl

Turn your iOS device, Android or DSLR into a motion tracking personal cameraman


After a successful run at crowdsourcing in late 2010, the Swivl was brought to market completely funded through Kickstarter. While the iPhone dock was met with much praise, the question of compatibility has driven the product’s designers to develop the new Swivl. The second iteration—launching today on Kickstarter—builds on the 360-degree panning ability by adding a 20-degree lateral tilt and near-comprehensive mount to turn your iOS devices, Android and DSLRs into a personal, remote-tracking cameraman.


Both the Basic and Premium models rely on Bluetooth for wireless control of the dock and the device it’s holding. The Premium model, available in a silver colorway, comes with a physical remote controller for tracking (with an app soon to come) as well as a wireless mic and speaker compatible with Facetime for iOS, Skype and other video conferencing apps. Additionally, the Premium model automatically tracks wherever you go, for use during presentations or for those of us prone to pacing during phone calls.


The panning option is even better suited to time lapse photography and landscape video capturing. Once mounted, your DSLR can be controlled using the new Swivl’s native iOS DSLR control app, including directional steering and shutter control. To learn more visit Swivl online directly or simply back the project on Kickstarter to reserve one for yourself.

Images courtesy of Swivl