This Is Not an App

Spark your imagination or just kill time


Turn your iPhone or iPad into a journal, a dream catcher, a sketchpad or even a thought recorder with This Is Not an App. Designed as an interactive adaptation of Keri Smith’s thought-provoking “This Is Not a Book,” the imagination-driving mobile app from Penguin Group for Apple and Android devices proclaims to be whatever the user makes it. With 50 varied prompts, the exhaustive app instructs the user to do a number of tasks from writing down their bucket list to recording their day’s achievements. Most importantly, while each page offers a plan, there are no rules, leaving you to use any of the tools—paint brush, pencil, eraser, paint drip, text, camera, etc—in any way you like.

We gave the app a try and even during a busy day found it inspired a bit of creativity and freedom as we ended up doodling on nearly every page. If you’re looking to shake up your noggin or simply waste time, the app’s $5 will be worth it. Find it in the iTunes store.