Adonit Jot Touch

The first Bluetooth pressure sensitive stylus

by Leen Al-Bassam


Building on the already impressive Jot, which brought us the market’s most accurate stylus with a precision disc and ballpoint mechanism, Adonit has upped the ante with the Jot Touch. The newest addition to the Jot family marks the first Bluetooth pressure sensitive stylus, and the first Jot with shortcut buttons.


The pressure sensitivity allows for more gestural drawing, no small feat for the previous incarnations of drawing tools. The real gold, though, are the shortcut buttons. The addition of these buttons makes it easy to seamlessly switch tools or tool options without having to back out into the main menu. The shortcut buttons mimic placement on desktop drawing tablet devices like the those in the Wacom family, making what could have been a steep learning curve almost non-existent for most design and illustration professionals.

In anticipation of these new features, Adonit created the Jot Ready SDK app which has already been built into many popular applications such as Sketchbook Pro, ProCreate, ArtRage and Clibe, each with varying degrees of integration.


The Jot Touch comes with a clever, unobtrusive USB charger, an additional tip and a cap to help protect the charging mechanism and give the stylus more weight. The Jot Touch is available now directly from Adonit for $100.

Images by Graham Hiemstra