Intuos Creative Stylus by Wacom

Achieve pen-on-paper style creations with all the benefits of digital illustration


In an effort to bring designers and illustrators even closer to the tech design interface, Wacom has introduced a new, professional-grade stylus to make the on-the-go connection all the more natural. Wacom’s Intuos Creative Stylus connects via Bluetooth with a range of your favorite iPad creative apps, like Autodesk Sketchbook and Bamboo, to deliver the ideal interface for playful studies and quick, elegant sketches. The latest addition to the Wacom family of leading creative technology—styled with brushed aluminum and a comfortable grip—puts the palette inside the pen for optimal ease and efficiency. We shared the product with local, budding illustrator Paul Tuller to put the Creative Stylus’ limits to the test.


Tuller’s illustrations are testament to Wacom’s ever-thoughtful design. For the artist, the most useful feature was the shortcut button—setting the customizable buttons allows the user to toggle between pen and eraser, or any number of design tools, without having to go back and select a different pen or brush from the drop down menu, and thus saving a considerable amount of time. Thanks to the pen’s Bluetooth capabilities and palm rejection technology, most apps will allow the user’s wrist to pivot on the iPad for smooth, natural curves. This feature, paired with the tip’s 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, create a truly pen-on-paper experience with all the flexibility that digital illustrating can offer.

wacomcreativestylus-3.jpg wacomcreativestylus-4.jpg

“These three new features are each a big step towards making iPad sketching a more fluid and tangible experience” says Tuller. “As an illustrator, iPad sketching is a quick and playful way to sketch studies on the go or rough out new ideas. All of the new features make playing around on the iPad that much more fun.” Even better, there’s no need to constantly worry about battery life—the Intuos Creative Stylus packs in over 150 hours of creative capabilities.

The Stylus comes in a slim case including extra nibs, rings, batteries and
slips. The Intuos Creative Stylus is available at Wacom for $99, and once you’ve tried it out, share your creation with #intuoscreativestylus for a chance at a feature with Wacom.

Illustrations by Paul Tuller, Stylus image courtesy of Wacom