Wahoo Fitness

Itty-bitty monitoring device turns iPhones into wellness machines

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If Nike+ doesn’t quite meet your needs, Wahoo connects fitness monitors with the iPhone, integrating current telemetry tech with a device you’re already likely to be using (unless you’re the type to carry a Walkman). Using the cutting-edge ANT+ protocol—the same device-pairing tech used in other monitoring systems—the $130 runner package closes the gap between iPhones and cardio sensors, pairing with dozens of existing delivering physiological data that’s logged in real time.

The Fiscia connector weighs just 3.5 grams, runs off the iPhone’s battery and plugs straight into its data port, allowing you to log EKG data while enjoying the phone’s entertainment features at the same time. It’s part of an array of accessories on offer.

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Wahoo also offers a pair of bike packages that not only track biorhythms but ground speed, relative cycle power and other variables germane to the technological fitness freak.