Yesler American-Made Athletic Apparel

Bringing activewear production back stateside with locally made fabrics and considered design


While a large portion of manufacturing for products sold in America is still done overseas, consumers are finding more and more products proudly bearing the “Made in the USA” label. Performance athletic apparel is one category where American manufacturing continues to lag, but Seattle-based Yesler is determined to change that. The brand launches today on Kickstarter with two product offerings—versatile athletic shorts for men and capris for women. Proprietary moisture-wicking performance polyester is spun at one of North Carolina’s most trusted mills, while the garments are cut and sewn in New England and Missouri. We were lucky enough to check out a pre-production sample pair of shorts, and can confirm that the team at Yesler has certainly placed a major emphasis on fit and stitching to ensure both functionality and comfort.

Support Yesler early and pick up a pair of men’s shorts for $48 or women’s capris for $58.

Images courtesy of Yesler