City Guide: Hobart, Tasmania

A small capital city is brimming with history, modern art and a booming culinary and cocktail scene

Whether you’re visiting Tasmania for Dark MOFO (on at the time of publish) or simply to see what life’s like at the end of the world, there’s a lot to do on this tiny Australian island. Hobart, the capital, has a rich history despite a sometimes forgotten past and an inaccurate perception that the destination was sweet but dull. Thanks to an ever-changing whisky industry, natural wines, a blossoming food scene and the opening of MONA in 2011, Hobart has become a must-visit city when traveling to Australia. With incredibly fresh produce and seafood, compelling art and superb restaurants, it’s a wonder this place was ever off the map in the first place.

We’ve selected just some of our favorite spots in the quaint but buzzing city—from accommodation to wineries, a pub where you’ll feel like a local and more in our Hobart City Guide. Stay tuned for updates.

Hero image courtesy of Tourism Australia