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Daytum, One Year Later

Over 100k miles flown, 90 hotel nights, 35 destinations and more travel data tracked and visualized with Feltron’s iPhone app


One year ago we posted about Daytum, Nicholas Felton‘s iPhone app and website for tracking and visualizing personal data. While I started off 2011 noting everything from eggs eaten to taxi rides, my range of usage narrowed quickly to capturing travel-related statistics.

I fly a lot, but the destinations and airlines vary—Daytum has proven to be a great way to aggregate all of this data in one place. I’m entertained to know that I flew over 100,000 miles on 62 different flights and I passed thru 27 different airports, the top being JFK with 31 visits. I spent one-in-four nights in hotel rooms across 35 different destinations. I do regret not tracking the types of planes I flew on and am definitely adding that metric to my list for 2012.

All of my travel data is visualized on my Daytum page where you can also create your own account to start tracking anything you want.


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